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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leave Joe Out of It.

So against my better judgement, I am watching the final presidential debate. I needed something to do while waiting for the Project Runway finale and since I couldn't find a rerun of the Rachel Zoe Project, I settled for the yammering of politicians. 
I should have picked up a book.

It was the same old stuff. The economy blah, blah, blah. And of course Joe came up. Sarah Palin loves to talk about Joe Six Pack and Obama has his own Joe in Biden so the wrinkled turkey necked artifact needed his own "Joe". Johnny referenced Joe the Plumber, a real man Obama met in Ohio this week, a billion times. Joe the Plumber, like Mr. Six Pack, is supposed to represent us regular Americans. It's a cartoonish yet folksy way to blanket characterize an entire group of people without ever actually having to be one of those people. It is insulting to have multi-millionaires paint our collective picture as factory working Coors swilling Billy Ray Cyrus fans. Sure they exist and God bless them but I ain't one of them. For future reference politicians, I'd like to be called Josie Chardonnay, thank you very much.

And poor Joe the Plumber. Little did he know a conversation with Barrack Obama would turn him into a poster child for Skeletor and the gun show goddess.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lynda Carter is Still My Hero

My childhood hero, Lynda Carter has been popping up all over the place lately. She did a gig in Atlantic City a few weeks back, she found a body floating in the Potomac River over the summer, and she's got a movie coming out soon. But the best thing I've heard from Wonder Woman appeared in Philadelphia magazine a couple of weeks ago.  Here's what she had to say about comparisons between Wonder Woman and Sarah Palin:

Okay, last question. I'm sure you've seen all the comparisons in the media and among Republicans of Sarah Palin to Wonder Woman. How do you feel about that?
Don’t get me started. She’s the anti-Wonder Woman. She’s judgmental and dictatorial, telling people how they’ve got to live their lives. And a superior religious self-righteousness ... that’s just not what Wonder Woman is about. Hillary Clinton is a lot more like Wonder Woman than Mrs. Palin. She did it all, didn’t she?

No one has the right to dictate, particularly in this country, to force your own personal views upon the populace — religious views. I think that is suppressive, oppressive, and anti-American. We are the loyal opposition. That’s the whole point of this country: freedom of speech, personal rights, personal freedom. Nor would Wonder Woman be the person to tell people how to live their lives. Worry about your own life! Worry about your own family! Don't be telling me what I want to do with mine.

I like John McCain. But this woman — it's anathema to me what she stands for. I think America should be very afraid. Very afraid. Separation of church and state is the one thing the creators of the Constitution did agree on — that it wasn’t to be a religious government. People should feel free to speak their minds about religion but not dictate it or put it into law.

What I don’t understand, honestly, is how anyone can even begin to say they know the mind of God. Who do they think they are? I think that’s ridiculous. I know what God is in my life. Now I am sure that she’s not all just that. But it’s enough to me. It’s enough for me to have a visceral reaction. And it makes me mad.

People need to speak up. Doesn’t mean that I’m godless. Doesn’t mean that I am a murderer. What I hate is this demonization of everybody but one position. You’re un-American because you’re against the war. It’s such bullshit. Fear. It’s really such a finite way of thinking about God to think that your measley little mind can know the mind of God. It’s a very little God that way. I think that God’s bigger. I don’t presume to know his mind. Or her mind.

I knew I wanted to be her when I grew up for reason. A reason other than the boots, that is.