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Monday, May 5, 2008

Rest In Peace, Men in Trees.

It was bound to happen. After being moved around ABC's schedule like a billion times and generally treated like a bastard at a family reunion, Men in Trees has been cancelled.  I'm pissed as I was a big fan of the show but I can't say I'm surprised. This is after all, the same network that gave Once and Again the axe, a move I'm still bitter about. 

The past season wasn't it's finest but I really blame the quality decline on the network's inability to properly promote the show leaving the show directionless and scrambling for viewers. The main thing I'll cherish about Men in Trees is my reintroduction to Anne Heche, the actress. Aside from the being Ellen's crazy ex-girlfriend, Heche is one hell of an actress. Men in Trees gave Heche the opportunity to shine comically while giving her some of the best dramatic scenes of her career. Fragile, strong, funny, and heartbroken Heche made Marin Frist a true television heroine to root for. I'll miss her and I'll miss seeing such a performance every week.

At it's heart, Men in Trees was a show about finding yourself and finding your own family. While it wasn't always brimming over with original ideas, this message was always sincere and real. Jenny Bicks, the shows creator, and the stellar cast should be proud of making it's viewers (regardless of how few) feel like they too were part of the family.  And that's no small feat.
Elmo, Alaska, we shall miss you.

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