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Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Happened to Heidi

Remember when Heidi Klum was just another cold German supermodel who just showed up looked curvy and that was the end of it? Remember when Heidi would be pleasant on Project Runway without pushing her own agenda?

Well times have changed, honey. She's recording an album now. She has her own jewelry line. And as announced last week, she'll be moving Project Runway to LA(?!?) to accomodate her busy career and family life, which is HUGE mistake if you ask me because Project Runway without Bryant Park is like a cheeseburger without french fries! Not to mention the fact that LA, while it's many wonderful things, is NOT  a fashion capital. Never will be.

The bigger issue here is the Tyra-fication of Heidi. I mean can't you just host a reality show and be a model? Isn't that enough? Is an album really necessary? I'm all for turning yourself into a brand but what if it's a brand that nobody really wants to buy? I love Heidi and wish I could help her but it's too late. Once you've crossed over to the Celebrity Mogul Dark Side, it's impossible to come back. Personally, I think it's okay to just be an actor or just be a model without producing a line of fragrances or bath towels. Call me crazy.

 Oh well. Good for her, I guess, but I can't help wondering if Linda Evangelista is out there somewhere smoking and shaking her head in disgust.

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grooviedave said...

I love L.A. as well but can not believe that they are moving PR here. That is even more lame then her recording an album. This city like you stated has it's moments but fashion has never been one. What are they going to do for a challenge? Redesign the uniforms at Pinks? And we have all seen fashion WEAK in Los Angeles. I do hope they travel to NY for the real deal. If not I am putting out an APB to find where Linda is shaking her head and joining her with a carton of Parliment lights and a case of Evian. Just like the good old days.