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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dana Delany Amazing?!? Desperate Housewives Good Again? Who Knew?

Maybe it was her late eighties WASP girl next door persona or her forgettable films (Exit to Eden, anyone?) but I was never really a fan of Dana Delany. I had always filed her in the Janine Turner Box of Has-Been Actresses and  simply forgotten about her.

Well, Ms. Delany. I apologize. Her work on this season of Desperate Housewives has made me a believer. Her subtle, icy agony as the homemaker from hell, Katherine Mayfair has injected Wisteria Lane with new life. Funny, devious, and tortured Mayfair is the kind of character you love to hate and her portrayer clearly relishes her every nuance. Her storyline is intriguing but it's her brilliant performances that have kept me coming back. Delany knocks every scene out of the park and I couldn't be more happy to have been wrong about her. Janine Turner, there's hope for you yet!

Delany is just one of the delights to be found this season on Desperate Housewives. As a faithful viewer since the amazing first season, I've suffered through the silly plotlines and groan inducing twists of the past two seasons because I always knew it could be as good as it once was. And this season has not disappointed! The writing is once again crisp, funny, and fresh without forsaking the shows signature jaw-dropping surprises.

The rest of the cast seems to have also upped their game, particularly Eva Longoria-Parker who week after week delivers the most quotable zingers of the episode while adding real depth to a character who is so deliciously shallow. Marcia Cross has found a good comedic partner with Kyle Maclaclan and it's fun to see her Bree do more clowning and less hand-wringing. Teri Hatcher must be relived since she hasn't had to fall and make a complete ass out of herself this season and I'm relieved too! It's been a treat to watch her do more subtle work for a change. Nicolette Sheridan is still tragically underused and Felicity Huffman still slums it in sub-par plots but I'm nitpicking. 

Desperate Housewives has regained it's status as television's number one frothy, fun Sunday night cocktail. So return to Wisteria Lane if you've strayed because, like myself, you might just be surprised.

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grooviedave said...

I totally agree but there is one character not mentioned that I think needs a gold star. Lyndsy Fonseca. Yes bitches it's Colleen Carlton from the Young and the Restless. She had crawled along at a snails pace waiting for her story line to grow and now she is kicken back and enjoying the ride. She can just simply pick up a book and start crying and I am, as my good friend Lisa Lisa once told me Lost in Emotion. She has come a long way from the Genowa City Athletic Club. Welcome to Wysteria Lane Lyndsy.