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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carly Smithson, this year's Latoya London.

Last night when Carly Smithson was booted off American Idol, Simon said she could leave the competiton "with her head held high."And I agree! Carly joins the ranks of other prematurely ejected Idols who's talent surpassed that of the other competitors. 

Think waaay back to Season 3, when the brilliant Latoya London was knocked out of the top three by the ridiculous Jasmine Trias. Trias, a pretty but dull girl from Hawaii who sounded like she should be singing in the lounge of an airport Ramada Inn. London had buckets of talent but unfortunately she didn't have an entire state voting for her like Trias so she was (unfairly) sent packing. Since then, Latoya has released some decent singles and toured with The Color Purple. Not bad but she should have been so much bigger. 
Watch this for evidence:

In the end, it's just reality TV. And Carly will be fine. And the world won't completely collapse if Jason Castro wins. I mean we survived Taylor Hicks, didn't we? So it doesn't matter too much.

 After all, when it comes to voting in real elections America always picks the best candidate for the job. Oh wait. Never mind. Maybe we are all going to hell in a handbasket.

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grooviedave said...

Holy crap on a stick fag-man! You know I totally agree since we screamed "BULL SHIT" at the same time while watching. My theory since no one asked is, she already had one record contract she will have another. On a better note we get one more week with a round faced boy with shitty locks, a fag in training and a 75 year old fake Daughtry with a huge head and retarded hair line to look forward to. The only thing that made that hour of my life I will never get back better was the kick ass cake you made thanks again boo!