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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall TV Report Part One

So I know the good stuff ( Ugly Betty, Dirty,Sexy,Money, Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, Damages, Amazing Race, etc.) doesn't start for a few weeks but since I am a huge television whore I have been watching it all, darling. The results have ranged from fabulous to "please someone grab an automatic weapon". 
And here are they are:

90210- The most hyped show of the season is (surprise!) also the worst. Other than Shannen  Doehtry and the brilliant Jessica Walter, this steaming pile of cliched teen show refuse is a dated unintentionally campy mess. The acting is horrid and the writing is totally uninspired. Avoid it at all costs.

True Blood- HBO! Alan Ball! Anna Paquin! Should be brilliant, right? Far from it. The log ride accents and lame vampire portrayals bog down this show down. What should be a funny, fizzy, scary ride is more like being stuck in a busted Pinto in rush hour traffic.

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles- Faster moving and better written than season 1, this franchise series received a shot of insulin due to an icy performance by Garbage front woman Shirley Manson and exhilarated story lines. Watch it before the a-holes at Fox cancel it!

Gossip Girl- Okay, I'm exhausted from telling people how much fun this show is! But gosh darn it, I am a giver and I'll do it till I'm blue in the face. Hot NYC locales, the best clothes on TV, and a cast that you wanna make out with each and every one of them, Gossip Girl is the shit. Take a big whiff!

Privileged- This frothy, funny fairy-tale is the most fun I've had in front of ye ole boob tube in quite sometime. Think Enchanted meets the Hilton sisters without the sex tapes. For those of us missing Men in Trees, Privileged is the perfect antidote.

Fringe- There are two camps, traditionally, when it comes to JJ Abrams. You either dig his brand of self indulgent sci-fi or it makes you want to tear your corninas out. I fall somewhere in the middle. The first 45 minutes of Fringe was a bloated, ridiculous mess but the last half grabbed me. So I'll tune in until the pretense irritates me. Plus, I kinda missed Joshua Jackson!

My DVR will be working overtime but I will watch all the new shows even if it is simply to make fun of them and you'll be here reading every step of the way!

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