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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Non-News of the Week.

Clay Aiken is Gay!! New 90210 Actresses Are Too Skinny!! Sarah Pallin's Preacher is an Extremist Whack Job!!  Traffic in Los Angeles sucks!!!

Jeeze. These are the items flooding the Internet?!? It's not like there's a war going on or that the economy is in the crapper or anything. But just because I like to hear myself talk, I will give you my two cents on the aforementioned topics and then we will never speak of them again and I can go back to talking about important stuff like reality TV. 

Clay Aiken: Even if you have no gaydar whatsoever and the only gay celebrity you know is Tom Cruise, you had to see this one coming. His last album tanked, magically a baby appeared in his arms a few weeks back and all of the sudden he's pulling a Lance Bass on the cover of People Magazine. Well good for him and personally I feel vindicated. I made a joke about him in an article I wrote awhile back and a pack of angry Claymates attacked me and defended his heterosexuality. To those rabid fans I'd like to take you back to third grade by simply saying "Told ya!"

90210: Today's 90210 girls are yesterday's Kiera Knightly and the day before that's Calista Flockhart. Yawn. The real expose that should be going on here how skinny Hollywood men are. I mean I saw Freddy Prinze Jr awhile back and he looked like a toothpick holding an olive and don't even get me started on the male stars of a certain hospital show who all need a bag of  Del Taco STAT! Yet we never see guys on the cover of US Weekly. Hmm. Regardless, I think everybody needs to realize it's the industry and this town that creates the skinny standard and not the performers themselves. I say if we want to attack the younger cast of 90210, let's talk about how they cannot act and how awful their show is and leave it at that.

Sarah Pallin: I have stayed away from this topic because I do not want to give her any more praise, popularity, or press than she deserves. I have not and will not sit through any of her interviews. I refuse to read quotes by her. In short,  you will not find me waving a tube of lipstick in the air at her next speech. She's an animal murdering, environment killing, money grubbing, anti-woman tool so naturally she has a crazy preacher who wants to protect her from witches and does wacky healing ceremonies. I think religion and spirituality are extremely personal and should be kept out of the political arena entirely. Not voting for somebody based solely on their religous beliefs is silly. Especially, when there are so many other reasons not to vote for Sarah Pallin.

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