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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fav 5 Songs of the Week

Here's the list of the songs I just can't get enough of this week. Enjoy!

1.) "Crazy"-Jem It has been a long three years since we've heard from Jem and this addictive track with it's electro-banjos and fizzy production proves it was worth the wait. 

2.)"Youthless"- Beck Sometimes Beck rocks my world and other times he wears me the fuck out. Thankfully, this song from Modern Guilt and recently heard on Grey's Anatomy is a thoughtfully written and artfully produced track. It's the funky Beck you love with a little more substance!

3.)"Acid Tongue", Jenny Lewis The title track from Jenny Lewis' second solo record is filled with sharp lyrics and cutting commentary we've come to expect from her. And her voice sounds heavenly.

4.) "Electric Feel", MGMT I am a little behind the curve on this band but recently  got on board big time. I've downloaded this song and listened to it a billion times.

5.) "The World Should Revole Around Me", Little Jackie For those of us who have been fans of Imani Coppola for years, we couldn't be happier that her new project has been so successful. She's still wry, witty, and blunt but now set to a funky retro beat. 

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