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Monday, September 29, 2008

Heather Forever

It's all over the news and the internet that Heather Locklear was arrested today for a DUI. There was no racial slurs or injured trees, just some sunglasses that she ran over. I say no harm no foul. Poor Heather has had a bitch of a couple of months. Her meds are out of wack and she has fallen on tough times. Let us remember the lovely Locklear as the woman who saved Spelling shows and not as the gal who took too much candy, shall we?

Just marvel as she poses as an exotic dancer on TJ Hooker! Or wonder at how La Locklear  takes a bitch slap! But mostly let's celebrate Heather the superslut boss. 
Heather, we've got your back. Besides, who among us hasn't popped the wrong pill at the wrong time?

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