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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Music Day, The all girl edition!

With all this negativity surrounding a certain woman politician ,whom I refuse to address by name as I am deeply afraid of her, I have decided to dedicate this edition of Friday Music Day to the flawless females of music. After all there's a lot to celebrate. Shirley Manson kicked some ass this week on TV's Terminator, The Pretenders have a new record coming out, and Britney has been officially removed from the "kick her when she's down" list by winning a ton of MTV Awards. 

To get things started, let's give a shout out to rapper/producer/shit talker Princess Superstar. NYC's blonde goddess of electro-rap is truly a gal we can be proud of. She produces all of her own music and owns her own record label. She's vocal about gay and women's rights and she even has a song coming out with the legendary Grandmaster Flash in October. Enjoy this video for "Licky" and bow down to the Princess!

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