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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running from The Hills!

I have little guilt when it comes to admitting my secret love of bad reality tv. I should, I suppose hang my head in shame but instead I wear my trash tv crown with pride and I'm all "I watched four hours of I Love New York. What?"
So it's a tad baffling that I've never gotten into The Hills on MTV. Trust me, it's not like I've drawn some line in the sand and said "watching strippers play mud football to win a date with Brett Michaels is one thing but phony LA fashion designers stabbing each other in the back is where I say enough is enough!" And on paper, it seems like the kind of thing that I should enjoy. Entertainment Weekly even declared it a "classic". So what's the deal?

First off, if I want to watch bad bottle blonds being bitchy in fake situations clearly set up by producers, then I'll turn on Young and the Restless. Secondly, Lauren Conrad kinda scares me. She seems like she could snap at any moment and her lack of charisma and likability support my psycho theory. Another reason, I don't watch is because I feel like I've seen the whole damn show already with all the non-stop media coverage and omnipresence of the cast on the red carpet. Dave and I have a joke that anytime we don't recognize a celebrity on TMZ it probably means they are from The Hills. Like this guy in the picture. Oh you don't know who he is either? Good so maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't watch this show. (Apparently, he's Brody Jenner and he's one of the stars, just fyi)

Mainly, though, my issue with The Hills is that it didn't grab in the beginning which is what needs to happen to get one hooked on reality tv. So unless someone out there wants to lend me the dvds, my life will go on "Hill-less". And that's probably a good thing.

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